1984 BMW 318i-turbo

car wash

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The average Technician has $15K in tools, and buys more
monthly/yearly... as well as has to pay for certification
courses or seminars when they become available.
When was the last time you got free advice
(from your doctor or lawyer)
that solved problems?


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$10 = Tech Support for 1 week via email & phone calls, includes PDF
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I will be able to help solve a problem over the internet).
$10 covers my time of looking for information not so much
the amount of information that I may or may not find.

After $10 donation, email me using the following link with
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$10 donation button for 1 week Tech support (with phone calls)

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Help request testimonial: (March 2015)
(engine would not start after recent work... with my help, it ran the next day)

Is Thomas willing to help?

When I was facing a no start problem on our Audi A6, I was searching for similar problems on the internet.
I found Toms detailed answers in another guys post, struggling with the same issue as mine.

Thomas's response time.

After a few hours of research, I still could not start the car, so I contacted Tom via email. I received his first
response within 5 minutes with help and asking more questions to make sure he had a good picture of my situation.

Did he help solve the issue?

Car fired right up! My sanity and the car was saved (I swore, I was going to burn the car down and if I did not, I would
never work on it again). Yeah, I was pretty frustrated.

If Thomas were unable to help solve the issue, would you still say that the "help" was worth it?

Yes, because until that point I learned a lot from his way of thinking, approaching
the problem, wiring diagrams, easy to read and understanding every step.

Was $10 worth the time & information that Thomas provided (even if it hadn't been able to help)?

I think it is definitely worth the $10 towards his tools fund. Trust me when I say this, with
the frustration I was running into, his help is worth much more. I am extremely happy that I
could meet up with him, even if it is just on the internet. In our rushing world it is very hard
to find someone who is willing to help, let alone takes the time to help, and really knows his stuff!

Thank you very much!


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