1984 BMW 318i-turbocar wash  


Tech Photos Part 1

Touareg power window regulator removal...

Corroded wire... Power not getting to a component? Trace the circuit and find the break!

A water leak caused damage to the wiring under the carpet on the driver side.

Oil cooler leaks can make a mess...

EVAP leak code? Smoke machine didn't find a leak? Could be a faulty LDP!

Solder joints can crack and cause problems with relays... Center exhaust hangers can be re-welded.

Door lock module micro switches fail... door light not working? Bad Micro Switch!

Tone wheel spacing differences can set ABS codes... old speed sensors don't like to come out!

Plugged ALH intake manifold and EGR

Fried clutch...

Vanagon throttle switch... WOT left, Idle right.

Faulty Auxiliary Air Regulator... airway too small when cold, causes low idle/stalling.

TDi Intake Flap... stripped teeth on large gear will set a Flap Motor Code.

Plastic coolant flanges deteriorate & leak with age... a Faulty Gas Cap (easy find with smoke machine)

Cracked upper control bushings, worn joints & worn Tie-Rods cause wheel alignment issues.

Engine Speed (RPM) Sensor in engine block... Vehicle Speed Sensor in Transmission.

Bad wiring repair causes corrosion... Smoke Testing the Gas tank can find leaks.

Vanagon Wheel Bearing Seal about to pop out.... water is more dense than fuel.

Broken or incorrectly sitting Valve Cover Gaskets will cause condensation & milkshake in aircooled engines.

Aircooled engines have a Plate that needs to be remove to get to the oil strainer...
This one hasn't been cleaned in a while!

The results of running low on oil... and ignoring the "Flashing Oil Light & Buzzer".

Keep that oil level topped-up... and don't ignore that blinking red light!!!

020 Transmission oil filler & Level Plug Location.

Foam coming out of your vents? Time to re-seal the heater flaps in the heater box!!

Vanagon Head Gasket leak?

Broken / worn horn ring wiper... cleaning the contacts for the washer pump, makes it spray again!

Drill a small hole in the TDi Intercooler to let the oil drain out... don't forget to plug it after!!

VR6 plasti coolant flange assemblies like to leak when they get old.

Missing spark plug electrode & drity Throttle Bodies can cause running issues!

A fried relay due to coolant dripping on it from a leaky heater core...

Alternator "One-Way Clutch Pulley" fell off while the engine was running...

New Pulley installed... back on the road again!